Château Gensac | Armagnac | 20 ans

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Flesinhoud: 700 ml

87,95 per fles

87,95 per fles

The 13th century Château de Gensac is an original AOP Armagnac castle. Following ancient tradition, it produces Armagnac of the highest class.

The Armagnac is France’s oldest and most traditional “eau de vie” and, due to its single distillation, a beverage of immense character and noble flavours. By maturing and refining the Armagnacs in our new French oak barrels, we achieve unique and distinctive products that, today, are amongst the best of their kind.

Château Gensac | Armagnac | 20 ans
Dranksoort Armagnac
Land Frankrijk
Omverpakking 1 fles
Flesinhoud 700 ml
Alcohol 43,00%
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